Is the game the best teacher?

While playing games is important to ones development as a player, the game is merely the proof you are a player.  The game, similar to any assessment taken in school, proves you have mastered the material.  The question then becomes how does one become a competent and productive player.  In the klinnsmann_picture.jpgpast the hours spent on the street, in the schoolyard, or on the playground provided players their only repetition to improve not only the technical but also the tactical components of soccer.  However, with kids living further and further from their classmates and the creation of regional and state soccer leagues, street soccer has become extinct. 

The result of kids not playing with a soccer ball as frequently as in the past has placed great responsibility on the manner in which coaches create and deliver training sessions.  Training sessions must be implemented and carried out in a progressive and challenging manner while being as efficient as possible.  ASET would like to work alongside all coaches, regardless of whether they are or are not members of the association. 

Options available:

–ASET Directors, through discussions with a coach, will create and deliver a training session on a particular theme utilizing a coaching method that works best for the intended age and ability level.

–ASET Directors will work alongside the individual coach on enhancing the "how" to coach rather than the "what" to coach.  Topics discussed include, how to deliver an effective half-time talk, how to make appropriate and timely coaching points, how to create and maintain player motivation and ownership.

–ASET Directors will provide additional technical and tactical information or training activities that could be implemented by a coach when creating a training session.

–ASET Directors will conduct individual or small group seminars on a topic to be determined.  These seminars could be lecture or field based and will provide coaches modern information on a specific topic.

–ASET Directors, in conjunction with the coach, will watch and observe a live match or a televised match.  The main objective of the analysis will be to improve the coaches ability to analyze and observe trends occurring at the highest level as well as those taking place within their own team. The result of this analysis will be an improvement in the coaches confidence and skill in order to see and make necessary tactical adjustments.

In order to further discuss the options listed above or other team development opportunities you may have in mind, please contact us via email and together we will determine how to best meet the needs of your team.

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