Two coaching sessions will be given each month on a theme to be determined for U13 – above age group and the U8 – U12 age groups; the dates and times will be posted on the ASET website and viewable by all members of the association.

The monthly practical sessions covers various topics from the grassroots level to the top levels of the game.  As member coaches you have the opportunity to observe and ask questions of some of the practical sessions: 

coaching_course–Teaching and training zonal defending
–Training the 2nd forward
–Teaching your players to interchange in the modern game
–3v3 and why it is so important and various ways to train 3v3
–Taking technical training to the next level
–Teaching combination play in the final 1/3
–4v4 for developing players
–Midfield and forward rotation in the attack

These are a sample of the practical sessions you may attend as a member of ASET.

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