ASET exists to serve technicians who believe consistent and modern coaching education is needed to assist their players to improve as athletes and young people. Emerging technicians offers outstanding levels of practical coaching along with many other benefits and represents unbeatable value for your money.trophies


–Access to the ASET website to view posted coaching articles and training sessions. 
–Members of the association will be alerted via email when new coaching sessions and/or coaching articles are available for download. 
–Free monthly coaching demonstration sessions – one session will focus on the U12 and below age group.  The second session will concentrate on the U13 age group and above.  Once the demonstration sessions have been delivered, they will be posted on the web site and available for download by emerging technicians.


Annual Subscription Fee: $50
Monthly Subscription Fee: $5.95 

How to become an Emerging Technician                                                                                                     Complete the registration form and pay by check or electronically via PayPal.

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