development_forum.jpgThese will be periodic tactical and technical discussions with specific age groups, dealing with training methods and trends.  The forums will also allow coaches the opportunity to ask questions and resolve training concerns. 

ASET forums enable coaches at all levels to learn to analyze games and make adjustments to ensure your players’ and team’s success.  Presentations will feature the following topics:

–Analyzing and discussing various formations in the game today
–What is the most successful and practical formation for teams to employ?
–Breaking down top-level games and team formations and how they can assist you in developing and improving your team
–Motivating your team and keeping them motivated during the season
–Making parents part of the solution and not the problem
–Practice and game organization and management

These forums will include power point presentations, video analysis and hand-outs will give the member coaches important information that will allow them to take their team to the next level.

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