FC Barcelona are currently the most attractive club team in the world to watch and to emulate. The team consistently rates among the leaders in La Liga as the side with the highest number of pass attempts and pass completions. Individually, players such as Iniesta, Xavi, and Busquest lead the Spanish league in many of La Liga’s offensive categories. As reporters and other soccer organizations research Barcelona it is revealed how the team use a 4.3.3 formation and how players interchange positions in order to hold possession. As an emerging technician one must dig deeper to understand the subtle nuances that make Barcelona so good. One must research how and why players move in the manner they do and how this movement affects each teammate. Once this understanding is achieved, the question becomes how to translate this knowledge to your own team and players.

Through the ‘Barcelona Analysis Series’, emerging technicians will not only answer the question of what it is that makes Barcelona so special, but more importantly, how to impart this information to your players in an efficient and productive manner. Emerging technicians will gain access to information that breaks down¬†Barcelona position by position. Emerging technicians will also have access to training activities and progressions that will enable your players to emulate FC Barcelona

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