Analysis of major youth tournaments has revealed that teams are not only more organized on defense but are also defending closer to their own goal.  As always, players must apply the principles of attacking soccer, penetration, support, width, depth, improvisation, and mobility in order to be successful.  Teams today are described in numerous ways as to how they attack, indirect or direct; however, teams and coaches must be flexible in style as well as formation.

Flexibility is defined as being able to adjust readily to different conditions or capable of change.  This is exactly what is required of both coaches and players today in order to be successful.  As coaches, how many times has a player told you they are only a forward or they can only function successfully in a particular formation?  It is our responsibility, as coaches, to create training sessions that teach and develop players to be flexible and willing to step out of their comfort zone, both mentally and physically.

The sessions listed under the attacking category provides coaches a resource to better serve their players in solving the problems presented during a match.  Session topics will include showing for the ball, player rotation and interchange, short support, and playing sideways-on soccer, etc.  These are all concepts that need to be learned in any formation. Once these ideas are mastered it enables that player or that team to perform in a more adaptable and flexible manner.

The ASET Coaching Education Department hopes you find our training activities beneficial in fostering an attacking-minded team.


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