Sport Psychology ( Sport Psychology )

The modern soccer coach has a responsibility to develop their team in all of the components of the game. The psychological and team building aspect of coaching must not be forgotten or taken lightly by the coach if their team is to reach their full promise. If a team has a positive mental frame of mind they will enhance their chances of success; they will also overcome adversity and not allow the uncontrollable to influence their ability to play in a constructive and intelligent manner.

The coach must ensure that the team competes with self-confidence, shows a positive attitude toward one another and can deal with adversity. This is the team building aspect that cannot be neglected; it is a piece of the overall team development that must be worked on consistently and with thoughtfulness.

A team philosophy or mission statement must be constructed as soon as possible when the team begins training for the new season. The goals of individuals and of the team must be a priority before the first game. The team also must begin to develop some social cohesion with one another if they are going to be supportive of each other during the season. It is a task that is not any easy one for the coach and by belonging to ASET you will learn and be exposed to coaching sessions that will enable you to achieve your full potential as a coach.

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