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Lecture - Playing Like Barcelona: Through Phase of Play Lecture - Playing Like Barcelona: Through Phase of Play

Date added: 01/28/2012
Date modified: 03/03/2012
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This lecture was part of a National D license coaching course delivered by ASET, and in conjunction with the Missouri Youth Soccer Association. The lecture consisted of the socio-policatal and footballing aspects that make FC Barcelona, mes que un club (more than a club).

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Improving Players Technical Range Improving Players Technical Range

Date added: 12/20/2008
Date modified: 12/20/2008
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This session was presented at the December 7 coaching clinic.  The demonstration group consisted of St. Louis Scott Gallagher players ranging in age from 10-12 years old.  The session illustrated three players working together to extend and improve their technical range. Activities were performed in order to increase the range in which players were able to control and pass the ball.  These activities also improved each players flexibility, agility, and balance.

Games to Develop the Complete Striker Games to Develop the Complete Striker

Date added: 11/23/2011
Date modified: 12/22/2011
Filesize: 128.26 kB
Downloads: 81
This session was delivered by Anson Dorrance, Head Women's Coach at the University of North Carolina, at the 2011 NSCAA coaching convention. The session provided specific technical and tactical drills to enhance the striker's ability to hold possession and put themselves in dangerous positions in which to influence the game as a result of scoring goals.

Functional Training to Influence the Attack Functional Training to Influence the Attack

Date added: 04/02/2009
Date modified: 04/03/2010
Filesize: 99.08 kB
Downloads: 75

This session was presented at the March 29 coaching clinic. The demonstration group was the U15 girls from the St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club.  The field session began where the U8-U12 coaching clinic session left off. Functional training was used to enable players to learn the roles and responsibilities of various positions; forwards, wide midfielders, and center midfielders.

Functional Training for the Wide Back Functional Training for the Wide Back

Date added: 04/25/2014
Date modified: 05/25/2014
Filesize: 207.65 kB
Downloads: 15

This session was part of the April 18 Missouri Rush coaching clinic. The session demonstrated the techniques needed for the modern wide defender. Through each activity, combining with central midfielders and wide midfielders was reinforced.

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